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Discovering the Key to Living Your Sacred Dream
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Teachings from the Western Mystery Traditions: The Esoteric "Paths of Return"
by Jacquelyn Small, Eupsychia

Spirituality in Daily Life: by Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron

Spiritual Mastery
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Dr. Gwen MacGregor

Practical Metaphysics
by Michael Mucciolo

“I of my own knowledge…”
by Frank Demarco,
Author, Editor, & Psychic Explorer

The Contemporary Family and Divine Guidance
by Lisa Blackwell

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Dr. Carson's Holistic Animal Care
by Dr. Kathleen Carson, D.V.M.

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"Spirit and Practice
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By Susun Weed

The Holistic Mystic,
by Lonny Brown

Medical Intuition: Tune
in to Your Body and Improve Your Health
by Caroline Sutherland,
Sutherland Communications

Herbs for Health
with Kami McBride

Cure Your Cravings
...For Life
Rena Greenberg,
Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapist


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Welcome to
The Meta Arts Magazine
February 2012

Come explore! Discover, learn, and grow from fascinating articles, columns, and special features devoted specifically to the metaphysical, spiritual, and healing communities. Each issue features the information and resources you have been searching for. You'll find internationally acclaimed and noted Psychics, Tarot Readers, Astrologers, Theologians, Philosophers, Healers, and professional practitioners of every metaphysical belief system and discipline. You'll find something fascinating and new everyday to intrigue and inspire.

Serious students, novices, as well as professionals, will enjoy the concentration of in-depth information in the "Special Topic" sections, as well as the insights provided by the gifted experts who share their wealth of knowledge in the Columns and Other Features sections.

The Meta Arts Magazine provides a spiritual feast for the soul to deepen understanding, and nourish spiritual growth. Come learn and grow with us!

Lisa Blackwell:
Protecting Family Time in Today’s Busy World

A former executive coach and professionally certified change agent, Lisa Blackwell has helped thousands of female executives enrich their lives and boost their performance by identifying and removing non-fulfilling activities. To do so, Ms. Blackwell draws upon her 14 years of expertise, having served on countless leadership teams during the rollouts of major initiatives that require extensive culture changes within top Fortune 500 companies.

Just because people are “in charge” that does not mean they are skilled at managing their own life much less yours. You can’t and shouldn’t use them as a template for your own life. You just work for them and that’s it. You have to have enough faith in your past successes that you are sure you that God would provide for you despite any career reprimands that misguided authority figures may impose on you." This month, learn why you need to simply say "No."
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Notes & Updates:

February 2012 Issue

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The essence of prayer:

"It is not words that ascend,
but rather the burning desire
of the heart that rises like
smoke to Heaven."

-The Zohar

The Meta Arts Magazine enters into its
11th Year!


The Columnists:


Carin Martin, Astrologer.....................
Divine Lens
By Carin Martin, professional Astrologer, teacher, & lecturer. I can still recall my reactions when as a child I first saw that mystical circle that is the astrological chart. To me, it was a flat, one dimensional circle on a piece of paper. Inside of the circle were obscure, mysterious glyphs sitting motionless in the twelve little wedges of pie that make up the twelve houses of the zodiac. As I struggled to learn the meaning of the glyphs, the houses, the signs, the planets, the aspects, it was akin to a long, strenuous but exciting initiation into a secret society. No initiate to Skull and Bones or the Knights Templar could have been more excited than I was to learn all these ancient "secret codes". But as I've often told my students, it was not until the flat image of the chart became three dimensional for me that I knew I was finally "getting it." Come read, and learn from this brilliant Astrologer!
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Donna Cunningham, Astrologer...........
Chart clues to Marriage—Will You or Won’t You?
Legendary Astrologer, and author, Donna Cunningham, MSW, presents a new column series addressing a variety of topics from her latest e-books. Having followed many clients' and friends' charts' over the past 40 years, I’ve come to believe that astrology isn’t the best predictor of whether an individual will meet and commit to a partner. HISTORY is a better predictor, and the astrologer who doesn’t get a relationship history from the client is likely to prove inaccurate.

What I’ve observed is that there are relationship-prone people and people who are not relationship-prone. The person who isn’t relationship-prone could have transits or progressions that look ideal for love and not meet a soul, much less a soul mate. Relationship-prone people can have either the worst or the most piddling aspects for romance, and they fall head over heels and hook up with a partner. Go figure.
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Basil Fearrington..............................
By Basil Fearrington, professional astrologer /musician/ teacher, and author of "The New Way To Learn Astrology.
The Signs of the zodiac represent twelve different archetypes of human expression. The dominance of a particular archetype can occur in many ways. It can be seen through the Sign placement of the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant or when there are multiple planets in a single Sign. The Moon in Aquarius exemplifies the Aquarian archetype the most because the needs of the personality are tied to the kind of expression that is the Aquarian archetype.
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Jeff Jawer and Star IQ Presents:.......
2012: A Beginning, Not the End
by Jeff Jawer
My 20-year old daughter told me that she’s been hearing concerns from some of her friends that 2012 will be the end of the world. This idea comes from the so-called Mayan prophecy based on one of this ancient people’s many calendars. While it is true that the long count calendar of over 5000 years reaches an end on December 21, 2012, the tradition is that calendars roll over and start whole new cycles. There is no evidence that the Mayans thought that this date marks the end of time nor are there any other meaningful prophecies that reinforce this apocalyptic notion.
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Ray Merriman..................................
Financial Astrology: MMA Market Week
Ray Merriman's acclaimed weekly financial newsletter! For those who are interested in following finances and the market through Astrology- this is the source!.....And no one does it better!
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Diana Stone.....................................
Aquarius: Patterns and Behaviors
Astrologer & Huna Shaman, Diana Stone is writing a new book. She asked us to hang a note on the door knob that she'll be back soon. So, in the meantime, we are featuring her most popular Meta Arts Magazine essays. This month: The patterns and behaviors of the sign ofAquarius.
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Noel Tyl..........................................
Holding Analysis Together:
The Parts Becoming The Whole

Noel Tyl, the legendary Astrologer and author of 29 books, is taking a sabbatical, so we are running some of his most popular instructionals to help both beginners and practicing Astrologers learn and further grow. Noel's exceptional breadth of knowledge, combined with his concise monthly instructionals, will take you step-by-step into greater understanding and skill development in the field of Astrology.
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Daily Aspect Calendar.....................
by Care
Astrologer and Co-Publisher of The Meta Arts Magazine, Care provides the daily ephemeris, planetary aspects, phases of the moon, and planetary highlights in a concise, easy to read format.
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MoonWatching with
Dana Gerhardt & Friends.................

Dana Gerhardt, an internationally respected Astrologer with an ongoing passion for the Moon, has lectured extensively, and published articles on several continents. Dana, along with Jean Hinson Lall, Julia Bondi, Pythia Peay, and April Elliot Kent, makes her Meta Arts debut with a bi-monthly column discussing the attributes of the New Moon and Full Moon.
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New Columnists!


Avigayil Landsman
is back!!!
Letters from Heaven


Beth Owl's Daughter
makes her MetaArts Debut with a new Tarot column:
The Illuminated Journey

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Pearls of Wisdom..............................
by Astro Care and Astro Aeon
AstroCare, Astrologer and Psychic, along with AstroAeon, Psychic and Tarot Practitioner, explain how to manifest more positive energy in your life with Affirmations, Mental Movies and Abundance Checks. Also included are Affirmations to use, quotations to think about, Methods of Shielding and Protection, and more!
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The What In The World Department....
The What in the World Department presents unique and fascinating nomenclature, ritual items, ancient and modern religious artifacts, as well as, cultural and decorative art objects, representing every time period and culture. Think of it as a mini archeological expedition for the mind and soul.
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News Briefs......................................
News briefs and announcements for the metaphysical, spiritual and healing communities. Check back daily. This page is updated as news comes in.
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Wake Up Laughing.Com: ..................
Swami’s 2011 State of the Universe Address
The Shift Has Hit the Fan …
And All Heaven Has Broken Loose
Swami Beyondananda (Steve Bhaerman)
The shift has hit the fan. And all heaven has broken loose.
You say, “Heaven?? Where the hell do you see heaven?”
And yes. If you look at the news headlines from the past year, you’d have a hell of a time finding any heaven. It’s a dogma-eat-dogma world out there, and everyone seems caught up in the bipolar insanity. Even Poland is polarized – the North Poles and the South Poles. We talk about peace in the Middle East and we can’t even make peace in the Middle West. Here in America, we have a deeply divided body politic. Half the population believes our election system is broken. The other half believes it is fixed.

The Swami is at it again. Looking for a few good chuckles? You'll find these pearls to be absolutely priceless.
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Publisher's Corner............................
The End of Days: The War Of GogUMagog
by Robbie G.

Both politically and geophysically, world wide, we have been experiencing a series of extreme events that are just too dramatic to ignore. You've heard people refer to them as being "of Biblical proportions." Indeed, they are.

Connect the dots and you'll see the pattern of what is happening. Some, think it is "coincidence". Others, think it nonsense. All of the political events, and the geophysical events listed in this article are factual, and well documented. They can be Googled. The connection is too obvious to ignore, and there are far too many of them to deny. And further, you'll see how they substantiate prophecies written by the ancient Hebrew Prophets, the Holy Niviim, many thousands of years ago. The events are occurring as written, and like clockwork. It is time to open our eyes to see what G-D is telling us.
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Angels, Guides & Loving Spirits:

Angel Blessings with Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
The Angels are Watching Over Us All
by Dr. Doreen Virtue, Ph.D
“If the world is ending, should I just go ahead and change my life and do everything that my heart desires to do right now?” The female caller on my show was sincere as she asked me whether she should focus upon her dreams, if the world was about to end.
With the Japanese earthquake, the Mayan calendar ending next year, and earth changes in the news, it’s normal to think about our mortality – individually and collectively. In fact, to do so is VERY healthy!
When I was an undergraduate, I took a college psychology course called “On Death and Dying,” which was the study of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s stages of grief. We learned how to help ourselves and others cope with loss. And as field trips, our class visited funeral parlors, crematoriums, and cemeteries.
This pushed me to examine my own fears and anxieties about death. These fears, called “existential anxiety,” are based upon worries whether life holds meaning and purpose, and whether there is an afterlife, reincarnation, or just “nothing” afer death.
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Love Letters...............................
Fingerprint: Always let your values be your guide.
by Erika Morrell, Soul Mate Medium™
You are conscious (or at least open to it) so you are aware how our world has changed. I could make a judgmental statement, however as we know it just “is.” You are aware that as the conscious ones we are being called to action on behalf of light. As the light, I am constantly driven to ardent exasperation and/or somber repudiation. What has happened to us? Yes, I can list, as most of you can, the historical, political and economical and technological reasons why the world is the way it is. How can we allow so much, that is just so clearly not in alignment be expectable? Where are our values?
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The But Doctor..............................
Meet Moore the Money BUT Fairy
by Eddie Conner, Soul Intuitive
Over the years I’ve received many requests asking advice on beating the Big BUT Syndrome blocking our desires from manifesting. I thought it’d be fun sharing these letters with the intention of lifting readers higher into a BUT- Free lifestyle. Each month I pick one question from readers and when I saw this next question I smiled for two reasons. First, it’s one of the best questions I’ve ever received.
Second, if we practice the answer to this question we can literally change our lives.
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Tarot Highlights:

The Illuminated Journey.............
Guiding the Way in 2012: The Tarot Year of the Hierophant
by Beth Owl's Daughter
As 2012 dawns, for better or worse, we find ourselves navigating through profound change that, to many, feels like a Great (and perhaps Final) turning. If you follow the astrological interpretations, you may be experiencing this as the shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, or the revolutionary meltdown of our old institutional forms of government, religion, and finance, thanks to the Pluto in Capricorn influence. For Earth stewards, global climate change, population stress, wildlife extinction, dubious food safety, and habitat loss for all species are reaching a point of no return, the results of which will shape the reality of life on our planet for generations to come.
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Reviews by Bonnie Cehovet, TE........
Tarot, Cartomancy, Oracle Decks,
Books and Software.
Curious about a deck, a new Tarot software release, or the latest book? Known for her in-depth and lively reviews, Bonnie Cehovet TE, will bring you the latest and greatest with the level of understanding that only a Tarot Master can provide. Comprehensive and informative!
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Furry & Feathered Family Members:

Dr. Carson's Holistic Animal Care..............
The Gift We Have in Our Animals
by Dr. Kathleen Carson, D.V.M.
I believe that animals are our fellow beings, traveling with us on our sojourn on this living planet, Earth. Some of these animals become members of our human families. They live with us, sharing our lives, with us both in times of triumph and joy as well as defeat and pain. In fact, in this time when families are split apart, and we often live hundreds or thousands of miles away from human family members, our companion animals are often the only close family members we have. “natural” equates with “harmless”. This is not always the case.
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Healing & Alternative Health Highlights:

The Holistic Mystic..................................
Is This an Objective Universe or Not??
by Lonny J. Brown, HHC
Get ready for more questions than answers, and one answer that makes no sense. What do you think? Is this an objective or subjective world? Is the essence of reality spiritual or material? Is it "out there" or "in here?" Is this a knowing universe or a blind dumb one? Is life simply a case of what-you-see-is-what you get, or does it have a deeper meaning and purpose?
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Spirit and Practice
of the Wise Woman Tradition..................
Here Comes the Flu Season- Protect Yourself the Wise Woman Way
by Susun Weed
Along with the beauty of fall days comes the need to get ready for winter. Time to get out my long underwear and my warm wooly socks. Time to nourish my immune system so cold days won't be days of colds - and flu. I don't rely on modern medicine to keep me healthy, but if you usually rely on a flu shot to protect you, you may feel frightened by your inability to get one this year. You may be wondering what you can do instead. Or you may have discovered that flu shots don't give protection from all types of flu, just the ones the makers guess will be active this winter. And you may wonder if there isn't some other way to prevent the flu. Or maybe, like me, you prefer not to use shots or drugs unless absolutely necessary. You may wonder what herbs and remedies are the best to have on hand to help your family deal with the flu.
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Medical Intuition: The Body Knows-
Ask a Medical Intuitive..........................
Hormone Balancing
by Caroline Sutherland,
One of the most important components of any successful weight loss program is the delicate issue of hormone balancing – usually missing or rarely discussed in any popular diet book. If those hormones are not balanced, then you will not lose weight or you might lose weight initially and then weight loss will stop – you’ll plateau. Because of working in allergy clinics with thousands of patients over the years, I have developed an intuitive sense about people and their weight issues or health problems. When I look into a physical body, I see the body in terms of the systems that are out of balance. One of the most common imbalanced systems is the endocrine system. Overweight people almost always have hormone imbalances.
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Herbs for Health with Kami McBride......
Seasonal Health
by Kami McBride
With the change in seasons comes the beginning of cold and flu season. Preventing and limiting the duration of colds and flu is a household art that has broad social application especially when it comes to taking antibiotics to get rid of a cold. Antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infections and up to even three years ago many doctors still prescribed antibiotics for viral infections. It is very important not to overuse antibiotics.
As predicted by Alexander Fleming, the Physician that helped discover penicillin, the overuse of antibiotics has lead to the evolution of stronger strains of illness causing bacteria that are antibiotic resistant. Medical journals around the world have devoted article after article to this current crisis in antibiotic resistance. The excessive inappropriate use of antibiotics is mostly to blame for this crisis. Many medical experts are advocating that we stop using antibiotics for the more common infections and save them to use on occasion for life-threatening infections.
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Cure Your Cravings... For Life...............
Secret Rules to Lose Fat By
by Rena Greenberg
When it comes to weight loss, often we are either looking everywhere for someone to give us a set of rules that will help us succeed or we are in complete rebellion of the rules we already know are proven to work, if we only could stick with them. Either way we are left feeling disempowered and defeated.
The truth is this: Diets don’t work because dieting is a psychologically temporary situation—the minute you go on a diet you are waiting to get off it. The fact that you are painfully “sticking” to a diet is a recipe for failure because there is no doubt that ultimately you will succeed in breaking free from its perceived tyranny.
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Letters From Heaven...............................
The Letters From Heaven: Chet
by Avigayil Landsman
Avigayil’s love of the Hebrew letters began in Hebrew school as a child. When, as an adult she learned that the letters contained hidden meanings, her curiosity was heightened and she began her search and inquiry into the wide range of possibilities the letters possessed. This began a lifelong practice of study and self-reflection. With the knowledge she gained, combined with her creative imagination, she began developing a system of using the Hebrew letters for spiritual direction, which included illustrated “portraits” of the letters as well as writing a monthly column for the Meta Arts several years ago.

The letter chet is also the Hebrew word, chayt, which means mistake though “missing the mark” is a better meaning for this archery term. A more useful conception of chayt is that it brings you to an awareness about yourself that will compel you to look deeper into yourself so that you can make amends and change your behavior. Mistakes are part of the dynamics of life because they provide opportunities for learning. In this way, our blunders become our gateways to the divine. In the moment we recognize we’ve missed the mark and strive to change our behavior and realign ourselves a gate opens: the gate that when turned ninety degrees, becomes a ladder to heaven.

When we open to divine love, we experience what the psalmist wrote: “Open to me, Your gateways of Righteousness/Yes, let me come in, and give thanks to the Source of LOVE (Psalm 118:19). A righteous person responds to life in a loving way; they strive to make things right.
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Creating Bridges: The Spiritual
& The Philosophical:

From The Heart..................................
The New Plastics
by Alan Cohen

In a classic scene in The Graduate, young Ben is at his college graduation party when a friend of his parents takes him aside and earnestly whispers, “Plastics.” That industry will be the next rage, the fellow hints, and if Ben is smart he’ll get in on the ground floor.

Fast forward to 2012. A young acupuncturist phones my Hay House Radio show, Get Real, and confesses her fear that she will not be able to earn enough money to provide for her family, including her little child. I whisper to her, “Transformational services” and leave a pregnant pause for the message to sink in.
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Songs & Stories...................................
by Karen Drucker
Karen Drucker has been a singing mermaid, a singing casket, and was literally “elevator music” when she was hired to sing and play piano in a moving elevator. She has recorded 13 CDs of her original inspirational music, and recently released her first book, “Let Go of the Shore: Stories and Songs That Set the Spirit Free.”

February is the month of love. It’s Valentines Day, where we send gifts, flowers, or cards to the people we love. It’s seems like society gives us all permission to gush over the people who mean something to us. Well, I have a new twist on this holiday - what about if, along with declaring your love for the people you care about, that we take the same amount of energy and care that we give to others and direct it towards ourselves? Wouldn’t it be great to have cards, flowers, and love songs about you, from you?
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Discovering the Key to
Living Your Sacred Dream....................
Power Deck Card of the Month:"Offering”
by Lynn Andrews
Internationally Acclaimed Shaman, Spiritual Teacher, and Founder of Joshua Tree, Lynn Andrews, continues in teaching her Power Deck with this month's card: "Offering".
Every day of our lives we take from Mother Earth our energy for life. We forget the ancient tradition of the sacred giveaway. Take a moment to sit in silence and count the magnificent things you have in this life, even if only the wondrousness of being given life. Reflect on the Great Mother, Mother Earth. Ask yourself: “What have I given back to her lately to heal her?” Then think of the higher vision of life and balance on this earth, and realize that the greatest gift you can give the earth and your fellow humans is your own enlightenment. In this way you tear away the veils of ignorance and present the magnificence of your being to everyone who experiences you. Everyone around you is lifted and inspired. This is your offering.
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Practical Metaphysics
Follow Your Passion
(The Law of Attraction in Action)
by Michael Mucciolo
It has been said that to find happiness, you should follow your passion. Quitting your “money job” to follow your passion can be scary, daunting, overwhelming at times – but can also lead to great success. My good friend, Boyd Wright, is a great example of someone who followed his passion to success. As a young man Boyd visited his uncle, a banker, who did woodworking in his spare time. He observed how his uncle enjoyed his creative outlet of “making sawdust” as he worked the wood and transformed it into something beautiful after a hard day at the bank. This stuck with Boyd as he embarked on his career at the University of North Dakota.
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Spiritual Mastery for the 21st Century.............
Master's Lesson: Your Foundation With The Source
Dr. Gwen MacGregor
At the beginning of this bright new year, 2012, let's examine our core, our belief systems, our foundation with God. The Chinese are calling this the Year of the Dragon and you can bet, boys and girls, that the flame of this dragon is one of illumination, cleansing/clearing and worldwide upheaval. Please do not infer from my previous description that I am joining the ranks of alarmists who prophesy disaster in 2012. On the contrary, I do not see global change as anything but what is necessary for our time, as we have a Creator who misses nothing and abhors waste. For the sake of argument, be aware that the Year of the Dragon often brings with it new personal truths, exposing old mindsets that need to be shaken away and helps us to clarify our feelings for self and others. The Dragon years are often marked by war and conlict. World War II, Korea and Vietnam were all going full tilt during Dragon years. What aspect of your soul, mind and body will feel the flame of the great serpent in this year?
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I, of my own knowledge…............................
Converting to mobile memory
by Frank Demarco,
Author of Muddy Tracks: Exploring an Unexpected Reality,
Editor, Publisher & Psychic Explorer

On Monday, March 28, 2001, I awoke from a dream remembering the phrase, "Convert to mobile memory," which, within the dream, was the solution to a computer problem. But as I awoke, I realized that anything I think or know is only in my mind till I put it into mobile memory – as a book, a blog entry, whatever. I awoke feeling that I was not recording enough, not even remembering enough, of the things that have happened in my life or their meanings. So I asked the guys upstairs.
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The Contemporary Family and Divine Guidance.…...............................................
Protecting Family Time in Today’s Busy World
by Lisa Blackwell
In my mid-thirties, I worked for two women who had risen up the corporate ladder to positions with influence and broad responsibility. I admired these women and hoped that I would follow in their footsteps to someday obtain my own impressive title and large staff. Being ambitious, I always dreamed of running things, being in charge of creating wonderful products and ideas. I had been socialized to think this way by my parents, college professors, and co-workers since my very first job out of college.
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Spirituality in Daily Life..............................
Karma: The Functioning of Cause and Effect, Part 4
by Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron
By Buddhist Nun, Teacher, Author, and co-founder of the Sravasti Abbey. Does karma influence whom we will meet and the relationships we'll have with them? Yes, but this doesn't mean those relationships are predetermined. We may have certain karmic predispositions to feel close to or to have friction with certain people. Nevertheless, these relationships may not continue along those same lines. If we are kind to those who speak ill of us and try to communicate effectively with them, the re-lationships will change. We'll also create positive karma, which will bring happiness in the future.

We are not karmically bound to others. Nor are there "soul mates," special people who are the one and only one for us. Since we've had infinite past lives, we've had contact with every being sometime before. Also, our relationship with any particular person constantly changes.
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Jacquelyn Small, Eupsychia ....................
The True Meaning of the Word
The word 'sacrifice' comes from the root word 'sacer,' which means "to make holy." Making something we've experienced holy, then, can be known as a sacrifice. But how do we experience making something sacred or holy?

When we first commit to the spiritual path, we have no idea what's in store for us. We expect that our lives will get better because we've decided to be spiritual, to give ourselves to the God of our understanding in service to the world. However, it doesn't turn out to be that way. And our innocence is quickly shattered as we begin to see that anything in our way of being that is "shadowy" or negative or just plain over, rises right up in our face to be recognized and dealt with. Dr. Carl Jung said it plainly: When you enter a spiritual path, the first thing that comes up is your shadow. You shadow is all those unconscious parts acting out through you that you've never faced or integrated.
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